Executive Director
Albert Lee

Executive Director

The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society

Albert Lee is one of Hong Kong’s most experienced and versatile film executives for almost four decades, having held senior management positions across the production, distribution, exhibition and corporate sectors.

Lee began his film career in 1979 when Golden Harvest recruited him. Over the next 21 years, Lee was an integral part of the team that produced, distributed and promoted films from Hong Kong’s cinematic golden age to all corners of the world.

Since joining Emperor Motion Pictures in 2003, Lee helped to establish the Hong Kong-based company as one of Asia’s most prominent and active production and distribution entities. Adding project development and production to his growing portfolio, Lee produced more than 20 films during his 15-year tenure and worked closely with filmmakers such as Jiang Wen, Jackie Chan, Dante Lam, Benny Chan and Jeff Lau.

Lee was also instrumental in Emperor's expansion into the exhibition sector in recent years. The company now operates some 110 state-of-the-art screens in 13 locations across Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Hefei, Shenzhen, Foshan, Zhuhai and Hong Kong.

A life-long cinephile and a dedicated student of the history of cinema, Lee is passionate about film preservation and conservation. He has managed several restoration projects, including Jiang Wen’s debut film, In the Heat of the Sun.

Lee had sat on Singapore Media Festival’s advisory board, and served on the juries of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards in Brisbane, Venice Film Festival’s Opera Prima, Udine’s Far East Film Festival, Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival, and the Taipei Golden Horse Film Promotion Plan. A member of the China Film Association, Asia Pacific Screen Academy, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, he is currently Hong Kong International Film Festival’s Executive Director, having succeeded Roger Garcia in November 2018.


利雅博是香港最有經驗、最多面的電影產業人之一。40 餘年的工作經驗使他在 製片、發行、展映和電影企業管理等方向都取得突出的成就。

1979 年,利雅博在嘉禾電影開始了他的電影生涯。在接下來的 21 年里,他作為 公司核心團隊製片、發行、並宣傳了眾多經典影片,為香港電影的黃金時代做出 了不可取代的貢獻。

2003 年,利雅博加入了享譽亞洲的製作及發行公司—英皇電影。在 15 年的任期 內,他參與製作了 20 多部電影,將項目開發與製作囊括進自己不斷擴大的業務 中。曾與他合作過的知名電影人包括姜文、成龍、林超賢、陳木勝、劉鎮偉等。

近年來,利雅博在英皇集團擴展院線業務中也發揮了重要作用。英皇集團目前在 北京、上海、重慶、成都、合肥、深圳、佛山、珠海和香港等 13 個地區運營著 110 塊最高水準的大螢幕。

出於對電影的熱愛,利雅博致力於電影的保存和修復工作。他發動了眾多經典电 影修復項目,其中就包括姜文導演的處女作《陽光燦爛的日子》。

利雅博曾在布里斯班的亞太電影大獎、威尼斯電影節的「Opera Prima」單元、烏 甸尼的遠東電影節、平遙國際電影展、及台北金馬創投會上擔任評審,以及新加 坡媒體節顧問委員會成員。同時,他還是中國電影協會、亞太電影學院、美國電 影藝術與科學學院會員。他於 2018 年 11 月接替高思雅先生成為香港國際電影 節協會總監。