Han Wangxi


Shenzhen Innovative and Creative Design Development Office

Starting from January 2005, Dr. Han has been a part-time guest host of Shenzhen Radio Station’s program Dialogues of Hope, introducing to listeners the thoughts of pre-Qin philosophers and Wang Yangming in more than 500 editions of the radio program. In January 2010, his book Meditation was published by the Huaxia Publishing House. In 2014, Han Wangxi’s Interpretation of Chinese Classics was published by the Zhonghua Book Company.

On Sept. 21, 2013, the year’s International Day of Peace, Ode to humanities, a Confucian culture-themed grand symphony based on Dr. Han’s namesake writing which he completed in 2008, was staged in the Paris headquarters of the UNESCO and was a huge success. In March 2015, Dr. Han and Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Meng Jianmin were invited for a discussion themed “Design and contemporary culture.”

Starting from September 2015, Dr. Han toured six universities including Peking University, Wuhan University, Southeast University and Shanghai Normal University to give lectures on Chinese culture. In 2019, he was invited by The Forum, a reputed Phoenix Television program, to give a lecture on Wang Yangming’s thoughts. In late 2020, he was invited by Lecture Room, a longstanding CCTV 10 program, to give a lecture entitled “Shenzhen, a city of modern civilization.”