China Daily Co-branded session at Global Tourism Economy Forum 2016

2016 Topic:

Maximizing the Dualities of the Chinese Consumers

Nowhere in the world is the consumer class bigger and more prominent than that in China. China's growing consumer class seems to embody a multitude of dualities - tech savvy but eager to be pampered, free spending but value driven, brand conscious but easily enticed by unique new offerings, intrigued with overseas destinations but fascinated with national culture and heritage, and sophisticated in an urban setting but at ease in rural areas. This consumer class seems to be redesigning its own traveller profile. Is China's domestic tourism industry astute enough to embrace these multi-faceted consumers?

What are the traveller profiles of the Chinese consumers? To what extent is this consumer class reshaping China's future domestic tourism landscape? How are Chinese tourism providers adjusting their product offerings, branding strategies and retail channels to attract these Chinese consumers? Are they meeting, or exceeding, the expectation of the next generation Chinese travellers?

Ms. Zhang Mei, Founder, WildChina sharing her views on traveling to China
In collaboration with the Global Tourism Economy Forum for the fifth consecutive year, China Daily Asia Leadership Roundtable held a special panel discussion themed “Maximizing the Dualities of Chinese Consumers” drew over 200 industry experts from across Asia and Europe.
Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman, Lan Kwai Fong Group on investing your money in a China's Tourism market and you will make a lot of money.
Group Photo at the China Daily Session. From left to Right: Prof. BAO Jigang, Prof. DAI Bin, Mr. LV Gang, Mr. Alexander Wan, Ms. Pansy Ho, Ms. Wang Ping, Mr. Wang Yanling, Mr. Yan Haifeng, Mr. Allan Zeman, Ms. Zhang Mei
8 expert panelist exchanging the views on Maximizing the Dualities of Chinese Consumers at Ballroom I, L3, Studio City in Macao.
Mr. Yan Haifeng, Co-Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer. Tuniu Corporation said Chinese tourism enterprises used to only focus on Chinese market, but they are now starting to go overseas. I believe that they are on their way of globalization.
Ms. Wang Ping, Chairman of China Chamber of Tourism said the growing middle class are eager to spend their money, and they want to escape from the fast life pace in the big cities. Therefore, their demands are driving the industry towards diversity.
Mr. LV Gang, Co-founder and COO, expressed that Chinese people rushed to travel in the past. Quantity and speed were their top priority. They once favored tour packages like “trip to 15 European countries”, but now Chinese tourists are taking initiatives to do research and book the services for their trips; and then they share with online peers. That was how and why online tourism information sharing APPs gained popularity.
Prof. DAI Bin, President, China Tourism Academy shared that fewer people are using the traditional ways to plan their trips, and they are not following the old routes any longer. Instead of visiting the sightseeing spots, they are penetrating into the neighborhood of their destinations, and thus reshape the tourism industry.
Prof. BAO Jigang, Director, Monitoring Centre for UNWTO Sustainable Tourism Observatories (MCSTO) said the tourism market players should do more research before developing destinations, as some of the most popular places are undoubtedly “oversupplied”.


Panel Discussion: "Maximizing the Dualities of the Chinese Consumers"


Prof. BAO Jigang, Director, Monitoring Centre for UNWTO Sustainable Tourism Observatories (MCSTO) (China)


Prof. DAI Bin, President, China Tourism Academy (China)


Mr. LV Gang, Co-founder and COO, (China)

螞蜂窩旅行網聯合創辦人、COO 呂剛先生

Ms. WANG Ping, Chairman, China Chamber of Tourism (China)

中國全聯旅遊業商會會長 王平女士

Mr. WANG Yanling, Chairman, Beijing 798 Creative Industry Investment Co. (China)

北京 798 藝術文化區董事長王彥伶先生

Mr. Haifeng YAN, Co-Founder, President and Chief Operating Officer, Tuniu (China)


Dr. Allan ZEMAN, Chairman, Lan Kwai Fong Group (Hong Kong SAR)


Ms. ZHANG Mei, Founder, WildChina (China)


Moderator: Mr. Alexander WAN, Senior Advisor, China Daily Asia Pacific


Open Q&A


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